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Group Transformation: Fruiting Body and Stalk Formation

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Finding the Right Balance: Cooperation and Conflict in Nature

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Evolution of Multicellularity: One from Many or Many from One?

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Enforcing cooperation in the social amoebae

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Phagocyte chase behaviours: discrimination between Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria by amoebae

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Discrimination of Gram-Positive versus Gram-Negative Bacteria by the Social Amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum

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Stalk Size and Altruism Investment Within and Among Populations of the Social Amoeba

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Genomic Signatures of Cooperation and Conflict in the Social Amoeba

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Genetically integrated traits and rugged adaptive landscapes in digital organisms

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Variation, Sex, and Social Cooperation: Molecular Population Genetics of the Social Amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum

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A SNP discovery method to assess variant allele probability from next-generation resequencing data

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Learning to get along despite struggling to get by

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Polymorphic members of the lag gene family mediate kin discrimination in Dictyostelium

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Kin discrimination increases with genetic distance in a social amoeba

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The genetic basis of parallel and divergent phenotypic responses in evolving populations of Escherichia coli

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A negative relationship between mutation pleiotropy and fitness effect in yeast

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